Quick…we need for lunch tomorrow!!

skillet greens + spelt pilaf = YUM

Its about 7:30pm at our house on Sunday night. We’re tired. We’ve been painting ALL DAY and have just enough energy to stare at a TV and drool at dream kitchens on HGTV.

Then it comes to me. We need something nutritious to eat the next couple days at work. We both work long days and there are not many food options, except a marginally decent Safeway, and its hard to find good off-white options from the deli.

So we get cookin! The menu: Sauted collards + Kale, spelt pilaf and turkey burgers.
why this menu: First, we have all this stuff at home and need to cook the greens before they go bad, and second – this is typical fare in our world. It becomes easier to eat dark greens and non-wheat grains when you plan ahead, have some good recipes and invest the time. Any chance I can get for some dark greens, I take it. I had some white bread this weekend (here comes the nutritional confessional!). Not a big deal, but i really do feel like crap when I eat ‘white stuff’. Dark greens help detox the body.
Apparently Julius Cesar ate collards after attending royal banquets – I tell ya, those Greeks were smart people 😉

Okay, on with the recipe:

Collards/Kale saute
1 bunch each: kale + collard greens, deribbed and chopped

deribbed greens (these are the ribs that are left over – you can certainly be Martha Stewart and make stock with them, but I don’t).

2 tbsp EVOO or grapeseed oil
1/2 onion, chopped
juice of 1 lemon
salt, to taste

On a Med skillet, brown the onion w/1 tbsp oil. Next, add the greens and other oil and saute on med heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently so all the greens get coated w/oil and get some of the heat. Add lemon + salt for another 3-5 minutes of saute.
Enjoy! Serves 3-4.

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