Mac n’ Cheese, Falafels, and friendship

Yesterday I shared what will be the last meal for a while with a very dear friend, B.  I could actually credit the creation of this blog to her in part, as she has continuously inspired me and motivated me to go after what I really want most in this life.  

So it was rather funny to me that our last meal together would be mac n’ cheese with broccoli for her and falafels with a side of greens for me; eating off of paper plates at a crowded bar in Whole Foods in the Pearl.  So not what we expected, but that is what life gives you, isn’t it?  We had shared a fabulous and amazing spa service at Aequis Spa downtown that morning as a treat before she heads off to Bali for 6 months.  The “plan” was to have lunch at a little Tea cafe in Portland, which, after 30 minutes of driving around, we realized had been moved or shut down or something.  Weary and hungry, we headed to the safest bet: Whole Foods, because they have parking and we know there would be plenty to fill our now very hungry stomachs (Body work always makes me ravenous – all that relaxation gets the stomach fired up, I suppose).

The whole experience got me thinking about how special sharing a meal can be with somebody.  There is a reason so many of our social gatherings center around food.  Its a gift to break bread with somebody and nourish the physical body while nourishing the soul with good conversation, laughter, sharing of dreams, etc.  I know in many Eastern traditions they encourage eating in silence to stay fully connected with the food.  While I respect that concept and agree with the idea behind it, its just too dang much fun to eat with others.  I can’t imagine missing out on all the great conversations I’ve had over food.  Some of the biggest news of my life has come to me over food.  Some of the hardest good-byes, some of the job offer’s I’ve recieved, some of the most brilliant ideas, have come over a good meal, and I’d hate to miss that.

Sending B. off yesterday, belly’s full and hearts wide open, was a bittersweet moment.  I know it will be a while until we are in physical space again, but she is in so much of what I do when I am working on Off White Living that, like most good friends, she is always with me.  I’m so thankful for all the friends and loved ones I have to share my life and my food with, even if the meal is a motley mix of mac n’ cheese and falafels.  Its certainly a meal I won’t forget………

2 thoughts on “Mac n’ Cheese, Falafels, and friendship

  1. Alice Michael November 2, 2008 / 5:18 am

    That spa looks wonderful!

  2. offwhiteliving November 20, 2008 / 5:13 pm

    The spa is AMAZING….if anybody gets a chance to treat themselves, go for it!

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