Detox day #2: A day to celebrate

Today started out crummy,,….. my flu seemed to linger and I spent another day on the couch trying to mediate staff challenges at work while nursing my throat and stuffy nose……but it did make eating detox-style pretty easy.  When I can’t taste anything, the allure of tasty food just isn’t there.

But, I got the BEST news today – my trademark application for OFF WHITE has been approved!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!

This is a big step for me, because its part of my long term vision of creating an Off-White service that includes cookbooks, videos, TV shows (yeah, I dream big) and perhaps even product lines (how cool to see cookie dough made with spelt flour, organic eggs and turbinado sugar instead of the white junk).  

I think I’ll go celebrate with a liver detox salad.  Join me, its easy:

1 green apple
1 carrot
1 raw beet
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Chop the fruit/veg and then put all 3 + the vinegar in the food processor.  Blend.  Enjoy!  Makes enough for about 3 moderate servings, which I will eat 1 serving/day during my detox.  Its about the easiest thing for cleaning the liver, as it takes less than 5 minutes to make.


2 thoughts on “Detox day #2: A day to celebrate

  1. Nichole November 18, 2008 / 5:55 pm

    I think we have the same bug…..detoxifing in it’s own right isn’t it? I too have NO desire to eat. good or bad foods 🙂

    ps-yay! on the offwhite copywright! where do I find that little symbol..hmm.

  2. offwhiteliving November 20, 2008 / 5:12 pm

    Nichole, i hope you are feeling better. Yeah, now I have to find that little symbol in the WINGDINGS, I think!! For now I’ll keep it casual, but watch out world, here I come!!!

    Yes, getting sick is certainly detox too. I have been known to get sick after a yoga retreat b/c all the release from the yoga makes my body ‘purge’ the bad stuff. Water, water, water water,…..

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