New year, new start

Hey gang, 

Happy new Year!  I’m here in Nor. Cal finishing up what has been a relaxing, family filled trip for New Year’s.  My holiday season was filled with quiet nights, snow, baking, cooking and of course, EATING!!!

All this eating has left me feeling a little sluggish, as has the dark and wet Oregon weather.  I must say, the California Sunshine in the Sierras today was mighty hard to leave.  

So, now its time to rejuvenate my body and get back to full force off white living.

Instead of just blabbing away about it in text, I’ve decided to create a video record of what its like to do a cleansing diet.  The first couple days are going to be about ‘pre cleansing’, which is just as important as the actual experience, because one must prepare mentally and physically to leave all the holiday goodies behind.  It definitely takes work to be stringent, but I know that it helps my body feel sooooo much better and gives me a chance to undistract myself from food thoughts.

Here is Video #1.




One thought on “New year, new start

  1. Tiff January 4, 2009 / 6:17 am

    Rebecca! This is so cool! I love it! Happy New Year by the way!!! What a great tool to share by video! I can’t wait to hear more & learn more! Maybe I will start the same cleanse…a few days behind you so I will know what to do next! I’ll be staying tuned, that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing with us all! Keep it rolling sister! :o)

    P.S. Chase is such a cutie! Oh to be little again & consume pancakes-n-syrup care-free, right! 🙂

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