What’s For Breakfast?

Good evening and Good Friday to ya!  I hope you are all enjoying an Off-White day.

Check out these video clips from the recent cooking class I co-taught with Andrea at Wellspring.

We had been wanting to do a breakfast class for so long because it is both of our favorit meal and it is often overlooked in terms of creativity and nourishment.  Why do we think of refined carbs and sugars (pancakes, donuts, bagels, etc) as the best way to start the day or have a special AM meal, like a brunch.

For me the best way to guarantee that I will have an off-white day is to eat protein in the morning and mimimize the grainy carbs.  Even the whole grain muffins I have in this video need to be treated with respect by me, as they could send me into a carb craving if I’m not supporting my diet with other health off-white and veggie-based choices.

The other piece of breakfast has nothing to do with actual food but is about the attitude that is brought ot the table, so to speak.  Breakfast is the perfect meal to practice mindful eating and set an intention for the day, which can help maintain calmness and connection to the higher self as the day gets busy.

It was fun including some mindful eating, breathing and gratitude exercises in the class as a way to show how the non-physical nourishments are as essential as the actual food.

The videos are relatively short, so enjoy!




One thought on “What’s For Breakfast?

  1. Alice April 12, 2009 / 3:20 pm

    Yum! Do have the recipes available? I couldn’t view all of the second one, but I could listen to it!

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