summertime, when the livin’s easy…

Hey bloggies,

just a quick note to say hello and share a great recipe for summertime bbq’s and gatherings.
This one whips up in 10 min or less, and is a great treat to bring to a gathering where you may want to ensure that there will be something healthy for you to eat.

Looking for an alternative to chips?  Try these options:

  • sliced tomatoes (Roma or Beefsteak work best, Heirloom is too fragile)
  • sliced zucchini, cucumber or yellow summer squash
  • Wasa crackers (they even make wheat free, but not gluten free options)
  • Rice crackers
  • Carrot “chips”, which is more like slicing carrots at  sharp angle to get a chip like slice out of a large carrot
  • celery
  • sprouted grain, rice, or spelt tortillas, sliced into wedges
  • jicima

Enjoy this simple recipe, which can also act as a base for other hummus/bean dip type recipes.  The basic equation is: beans + fat source (avo, EVOO, tahini) + salt + spices/seasonings:

Black bean and avocado hummus

2 cans organic black beans, drained and rinsed
1 large avocado
½ – ¾ cup fresh cilantro
2 tbsp lime
2 tsp sea salt
2 tsp cumin
1 tbsp olive oil

Put all ingredients in a large food processor.  Blend on med-high.  You may need to stop and mix a few times to get a smooth product.  Add up to 1 additional Tbsp of olive oil if the mixture is not mixing easily.  Serves 12-15.  This hummus also goes great in burritos or on tacos.