Nourish the heart, nourish the body

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Greetings Bloggies!

Today I was sharing some e-space (code for looking at my friend’s websites and thinking about them) with my dear friend Britt Bensen-Steele.  A recent visit with her and company at their  wooded oasis in Vernonia, OR, has put her in my mind and heart.

One of the biggest drawbacks of leaving the Pac. NW was leaving the opportunity to connect with my dear friends regularly.  I find it amazing how in just 3 short years I could find a handful of amazing, powerful, beautiful women who truly nourish my heart, and therefore give harmony to my body.  Each and every one of them have impacted my life and my health and it’s no coincidence that they all happen to be in the ‘profession’ of wellness, and therefore available for YOU to experience!  Britt stands at the heart of my sweet little circle, and she has helped me find my voice as a teacher and leader.

Now, just because I can’t be up there doesn’t mean any of you should be kept from the experience of sharing movement/yoga classes, or even better, a retreat opportunity with Britt.  It will leave your heart buzzing – kind of like the way you feel after a delicious warm oatmeal cookie out of the oven on a fall day, minus any mind-games of guilt or fear of over indlugence.    In short, it’s divine.

Even a trip to her website, Yoga With Britt, will bring a little serenity to your mind, as it is just lovely and rich with inspiration and truth of who Britt is.    There is something about people expressing themselves for who they are that simply puts me at ease.  Check out her blog while you’re on the site, as she’s also a wonderful writer and captures a lot of the realities experiences by those of us growing in our search for spiritual serenity and self-awareness.

Enjoy bloggies.

Okay, I’m off to dehydrate some fresh figs I picked today.  Life is just full of abundance, and I am grateful.