Magical Tithing

Happy Holidays Bloggies!  I sure have missed you all.  Finally, the dust of finals, teaching TONS of yoga and working at the co-op have settled a bit.  All in all, I am filled with joy and gratitude for what this year has brought into my life.

Part of that joy has been reconnecting with old friends and also just peeking in on some old friends and their lives via Facebook. What can I say, I think FB has been a huge catalyst of getting reunited with people who are special to me.  For a girl who seems to move every 4 yrs, I have a lot of old friends to catch up with.

Just today I happened upon a friend from my nutrition program’s website and her blog.  She has a blog post about “Magical Tithing” – a simply way to give and support abundance this holiday season.  Not only is this gal and offwhite crusader (she once gave up all sugar for 1 year, if I recall correctly) but she’s also really insightful about staying connected to the bigger things in life.

Interested in magical tithing?  Check this out:

Christy’s Blog

Ciao my friends and happy, happy holidays to you!

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  1. Alice December 23, 2009 / 2:58 am

    Hi Rebecca! I couldn’t access “Christy’s blog.”

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