“Souper” soup, step by step

Yesterday I came home dog tired, wet and cold.  The rain hit me unexpectedly so I was soaked when I  walked through the door after a long day.  I wanted comfort food and I wanted something warm.  Something that would help me relax, but I didn’t have a ton of time.  I could have fired up some pasta but most of you know I’m not a big pasta eater (too much carb, and even the off-white pasta’s are a calorie dense option that I rarely choose).

Soup.  Yes, that is what I wanted.  Warm, creamy, dreamy soup……..
Being the on the fly cook that I am, a quick survey of available ingredients helped me land on a butternut squash white bean soup chock full o-veggies.  The squash helps give a creamy texture sans actual cream, and the beans add protein, texture and density.

Here’s what I did:

First, I chopped an onion, 1/2 bunch of celery and mandolined a carrot.  If you chop a lot , spend the $15 to get a mandolin.  Saves your time, but watch your knucles!

Next, I added these veggies to a medium stock pan with 2 tbsp EVOO, and sauteed for 5 min on med heat.  For a no-brainer flavor  I added salt, an organic veggie spice mix, and 1 veggie boullion cube.  Stir it all in for about 3 min.  Let the moisture from the veggies dissolve the boullion.

Now you’re ready for the main event: one can of white beans + 1 can organic butternut squash.  Pumpkin works too, as does fresh squash, pureed.

Add about 2 cups water, and chop up 2 cups of either beet greens (What I used  – got them off the beets I popped in the oven at the same time), spinach, or kale.

Serve warm.  I added in about 4 oz shredded chicken and enjoyed thoroughly.  Mmmm….