Yeast challenge part 2

homemade burger on a homemade bun

Recently I posted the first half of my “Kitchen Bootcamp Challenge”, by Jen Schall, to make a yeasted bread.

Well, I ‘rose’ to the challenge, so to speak, but my bread did not.  Here’s why:  I was using an enriched starter, meaning that is has milk, sugar, and flour added to grow the yeast.  A baguette style bread is just flour and water.  Hmm…. made me think about how my starter was (or was not) aligning with my eating values.

I really have no business feeding my bread sugar and milk when I try to minimize those in my own diet.  So, I’m putting my starter on a diet and ‘leaning’ it out, based on what I learned in the Professional Chef cookbook.  Let’s see what happens.

One good result was that I added an egg wash to the bread, which made for a nice shiny finish.  We ate the buns with turkey burgers instead of steak becasue I frankly don’t like steak sanwiches that much.

an egg wash makes for a shiny finish

Enriched buns are quite tasty, but a little too cakey to be a good sandwich or baguette bread.  Next time…..

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  1. sandra's life September 16, 2010 / 7:19 pm

    It look great and delicious!

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