If at first you don’t succeed…

This is me trying to Wake board….

Not exactly my best work, but I didn’t give up.

Then just this morning I was reminded in my yoga class that today is a day of transition.  It’s the Vernal Equinox. Change time.  The fleeting of one season as the other rises.

During change things are awkward.  We don’t know what is going to happen next.  One day we wake up and it’s 90 degrees, the next day the leaves are turning and rain is pending.  One minute the Wake Board is right underneath my feet, the next minute it’s GONE!  It can feel pretty out of control, especially in our worlds which have been mostly created to give us control over everything from our climate (AC and heaters) to being able to buy every item, food, song, or whatever from the tips of our fingers.  We forget that the natural process of life is change.  We are not meant to control everything, but rather to harness the energy of change and guide to toward our personal growth.

Personal change has been a lot like this for me too.  It’s not always graceful, pretty, or comfortable (okay it is NEVER these  things), but the beauty is in the fact that it’s new – it’s evolving – it’s creation in motion.

And at the end, you might get something more like this:

now she has it!

If you are in the midst of change – changing your diet, your life, your mind or your body…remember that you are EXACTLY where you need to be.  You can’t have  the butterfly without the cocoon, you can’t have the first snow of Winter without the transitional season of Autumn.   You simply must go with the process – dance with it, embrace it and one day you will get it !  I promise!