Visual cues

Look at all the pretty grains and flours.....

Let’s face it: for healthy cooking to have any sex appeal it’s got to compete in this highly visual, highly sensory world of food distractions.  Most of us are very visually aroused and intrigued.  I am no different, and thus my kitchen (and hence my cooking) are far better off when I capitalize on this human trait.  In other words, when I make things look pretty I’m more likely to cook with them.   My solution lately is to make the options I have as explicitely clear as possible, so as to encourage me to see what I do have instead of fixate on the question of ‘what is there to eat’ or ‘gosh, I have a hankering for X but it’s not in the kitchen…guess I’ll go out!”.  Besides, I really enjoy the color textures that come with looking at a variety of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Why it is that I can dig out the last cookie in the back of the freezer but will pass up the bunch of kale in the front of the fridge is beyond me, but instead of fight it, I just work with it.

My experience with taking the time to remodel your cupboards or fridge is that it will help you use those ingredients that you bought with good intentions that end up in the back of the line, such as whole grains or veggies that take preparation.  I’m also currently working on revamping the spice cupboard and that gave me an excuse to go to World Market to buy the cutest clear glass spice jars for just $.99!  Yeah baby!!!

PS: this explicit organization of your cupboards or fridge will help you and your spouse.  My husband suffers from “Male Refrigerator Blindness”, meaning that if it’s not on the top shelf with flashing lights he doesn’t see it, and therefore won’t eat it. …and somehow men have been ruling the modern world for centuries???!!!  Hmm….