Is your belief greater than your doubt?

Happy New Year Bloggies!

I hope that the goings on of 2012 so far are to your satisfaction.  I know they are mine! 

So, there is no skirting around the discussion of a little thing called new years resolutions.  Not into it?  Okay, how about new years intentions, which seems to be the lingo de jour.  Whatever you call them, a lot of folks out there are making plans, setting intentions, putting energy into making some kind of change in 2012.

And let’s be honest.  A LOT of those resolutions center around weight loss, or rather lifestyle changes, as they are termed now (which I also think is better and more indicative of the process).

Wanna know what the common denominator is in all your resolutions, be them to reduce your sugar intake or stop smoking or lose 20 lbs?  YOU! You are the factor in all those resolution equations.

What I’ve discovered after years of coaching women to make those lifestyle changes that result in weight loss or sugar abstinence or more vitality (or whatever your goal) is that the investment you make in getting your head in the game is far more important than all the extrinsic planning you do around grocery shopping, getting the gym clothes out the night before, etc.

When I was doing my coaching training through Wellcoaches, there was a common saying that worked its way into our training:


Think about this statement.  There is tremendous power in harnessing your inner-faith (or having the unrelenting faith of a  coach) when beginning a change process.  It means that no matte what, you can do it.  You are capable.  The difference between your making the choice that aligns with your goals and the choice that doesn’t is usually a mindset issue rather than a circumstance.

When you begin to claim your own power and truly have more belief in yourself than doubt you will see amazing things happen and your resolutions (excuse me, intentions) will unfold like flowers opening up to the morning sun.  Easy peasy.

In my opinion, the beginning, middle, and end of any diet program also must be accompanied with a mental/emotional program to fundamentally change and align your thinking and cellular experience with your goal.  That is what coaching does.  It isn’t about telling you what to eat or how many sugar gram are in that energy bar – it’s about helping you to feel efficacious so that you can face any situation: the buffet of desserts at a friend’s baby shower or a lonely night and a pint of ice cream in the freezer with the BELEIF that you are capable of handing your emotions, choices and that you are worth it.

I don’t know a lot of you who read this, but whomever you are: my belief is greater than your doubt.  I’m holding space for you that 2012 can be your year.  It is possible, and it’s not about what book you buy or what tool you use to stay on track – it’s about how you feel and think about yourself that will make all the difference.

As for me and my new years intentions – it is really about that phrase entirely : my belief becoming greater than my doubt in all aspects of my life.  When I live and operate from this place several magical things happen: sugar does not call me to soothe my fears, and I am more open minded to possibilities around me.  Aaah….yes, some things are sweeter than sugar!