Quiche, revisited the off-white way


all the makings of an off-white quiche

Next week is Matt’s birthday (it will be the 10th anniversary of his 29th birthday), and we are heading to his folks house for a weekend celebration.  I’ve got some travel and long meeting scheduled this week, which means my contributions to the weekend must be done tonight and tomorrow and frozen for the occasion.

Matt loves quiche.  Who doesn’t love quiche.  He especially loves it with bacon and cream, but he is willing to compromise.  Thankfully, if I put enough cheese on top of anything he won’t really miss the bacon or the cream in this quiche.

The inspiration for Matt’s birthday quiche was from this recipe.  I wanted to modify it because his parents are on the Oxygen diet, so my goal was to satisfy everybody’s needs.  Tough job, I tell ya. Luckily I am a good improviser and here’s what I came up with:

4 egg whites and 1 whole egg: beat for 2 minutes
3/4 cup original Almond Milk
2 cups of roasted veggies: asparagus, mushroom, orange pepper and yellow onion (I roasted them with an Herb d’ Provence spice mix @ 350 for 10 minutes).  SAVE 7-8 ASPARAGUS TIPS FOR THE TOP.
8 oz Monterey Jack cheese
salt, pepper, to taste
1 whole wheat organic pie crust (what a racket – it only has 2g of fiber and cost twice as much as the other….but 2g of fiber is better than nothing, I suppose!)

Baste the crust with egg white and bake for 5 min @ 350.  This will keep it from getting soggy
Once the veggies are roasted, add them in the following way to the crust:

Veggies first, covering the pie crust dish evenly
Add the cheese, spreading evenly
Pour the egg white mix over and make sure it also evenly spreads

Take the 7-8 asparagus tips you saved and place them in a circle, evenly spread apart on top of the quiche so that every ‘slice’ will have an asparagus tip’.

Bake at 350 until golden brown on top (about 40-minutes).