You might be somebody’s hero

Do you ever look around your to try and find the people who inspire you to be your best?  What about in the places you spend the most time? Who keeps you motivated to push your boundaries or prioritize your self care?  Who are your everyday heroes?

Did you ever stop and think that YOU might somebody’s  hero too? Just the very nature of you being your awesome self might be exactly what your somebody in your world needs to keep her going when there are so many reasons to stop.

Tonight at the gym I say my everyday hero. His name is Rojelio.  He’s about 35 and I think he is literally at the gym every time I am there. But there is something special about Rojelio.  He had a stroke at age 28 and is working on recovering his physical capabilities. he gets stronger and more able every day.  I know this because one time we shared a lovely exchange in the communal hot tub at the gym.  Awkward, yes, but without that experience I would have never known what he has overcome just to be able to walk. Plus, he reminded me a bit of my dad, who also had a stroke at a young age.

Now, every time I see Rojelio it pushes me to work a little harder and to be a little more grateful for my amazing able body. He has no idea that he’s my hero. He’s just a guy trying to do right by his own health.  But he is. And I bet you are too, in some way, to somebody else and you have no idea.

So go to bed tonight dear friends knowing that your presence is making the world just a little bit (or a lot) better for somebody else.