breakfast of champions

Maybe its becauses I miss Oregon, or maybe it’s because blueberries are just delicious… or maybe its because I can sneak a load of spinach into my blueberry smoothie and not taste it.

Either way, I’m digging the blueberry-spinach-flaxmeal smoothies I whip up for breakfast.  They take about 3 minutes to make and they are full of protein, fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamin K, omega 3 fats and a bunch of other good stuff.

Having a tasty breakfast sets me up to not crave sugar, especially if it is a protein-rich breakfast.  Adding a serving of rice protein (or whatever you like) does the trick for me.  I add about 3/4 cup frozen Oregon berries from Costco with a scoop of Rainbowlight rice protein, a generous handfull of spinach, a tbsp of flaxmeal, and water.  Blend for 1 minute and you’re good to go.

PS: this is a Vegan recipe, but you could add yogurt or whey protein or whatever for a lacto-ovo experience!

No time for breakfast?  Bologna – this takes less than 5 minutes and the recipe is very forgiving.  You can put it in your reusable coffee mug and drink it on the way to work or whatever.    It seems to hold me for about 3 hrs, or 3.5 if I push it.

Caution: it may turn your lips purple, so look in the mirror before you leave the house!