apply your best strength to your biggest food behavior challenge

I love positive psychology.  It’s a field of study that invests in the understanding of optimism, and how to cultivate self-efficacy.  It’s awesome.

Today I watched Martin Seligman talk about positive psychology in this really nice, fairly short video:

My take away from it was this:  How can we apply our biggest strength to the food issue that keeps snagging us up?  Instead of feeling defeated or hopeless, what about reframing the situation through the lens of your biggest strength.  For me, I see social intelligence as high on my list of strengths yet I rarely reach out for social support around food issues in the moment of them.  I might be stressed and want to eat a bunch of sugar at a gathering b/c I am stuffing my stress, when maybe I should share and connect around it instead.  Hmm….I am going to try this!

I invite you to look at the food behavior which is hanging you up and see if you can deal with it by harnessing your biggest strength.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what could happen, without having any expectations.  Just experiment.  Oh, this could be FUN!