the sweet truth about HFCS

I just about died today.  I’m happily watching a little TV on the Discovery Channel and I see this blasphemy:


OH MY GOD!!!!  Gee, I wonder who funded it ….oh, the corn growers association…hmm….big shocker.  Their big angle – “its just corn”……OH MY GOD x 2!!!!!!!  No, it is NOT just corn, and even if it WAS, the way its modified so much that it stresses the liver, increases blood sugar, and is more likely to contribute to carb addiction and the odd maladies that go with food sensitivities (headaches, constipation, bloating, inflammation).  It is NOT a food.  And just because it only has the same calories as regular does NOT MAKE IT OKAY!!!  This totally negates the notion that we really ought not to promote eating sugar.  Moderation will come when we focus on filling our diets with abundant wholesome foods.  Most of us don’t need to hear messages about eating sugar in moderation, as we get enough options to do so on a regular basis. 

The other part that baffles me is why this commercial landed itself on the Discovery Health channel.  What kinds of values does this channel embody if they allow such rubbish to be broadcasted.  How much money does it take to be willing to propagate a lie.  

My hope is that none of you Off-white readers will take this commercial seriously. Of course you won’t – you are all much too smart for that!! 🙂  Please tell your friends and family there is more to the story than these two lovely people sharing a popsicle in the park.  Its not innocent.  It’s deceptive. It’s wrong.  Now more than ever we need to continue educating through example and experience the benefits of eating real, wholesome foods.  Our children and our friends are looking to us to be models.  

Okay, off my soapbox!