Authenticity: in food and in life

Okay, so this post is going to be a bit non-traditional, in that I’m not going to focus on the usual topics of recipes, food politics, and the like.  Recently I’ve been struck by a notion much deeper than that, yet it also relates to the concepts of Off White.

I want to talk about authenticity.  Its been a theme in my life lately, and I think there is a lesson in here for me somewhere.

Today at work, a very special person (we will call him J.) helped me see what is most important in my life, and that is being true to myself, my purpose, and from there living from a place of love.  No resistance, no emotional ‘junk food’ to toxify the soul.  Its much harder than it sounds, even though my experience tells me that being real, living in trust, and accepting what “is” sparks the fire of inspiration, synchronicity and peacefulness.

I can totally liken this to food too.  When I think about how our bodies respond to artificial, manipulated or contrived substances, like processed foods, or foods prepared without kindness or intention, the result is disease (in the long run) or discomfort.   My spirit is pretty much the same way.  Admittingly, I’ve been feeding my mind and my heart some junk food lately, because of fear and judgement.  And guess what…I feel totally sick and disassociated from my center.

So then I got to thinking a little deeper, and the work of Dr. Emoto came  to mind.  He is the guy who did all the work with images of water that were exposed to different words, music, and experiences.  his work is profound.  
Our bodies are mostly water, as is everything we eat.  I got to thinking about my mindset lately when I sit down to a meal.  Have I eaten in peace or with anger?  Have I hurried to eat my food becuase I’ve been over consumed by some other task or thought?  Do I even stop to appreciate the fact that I can go to the grocery store and buy anything I want.  Anything.  And what do I choose?  

To give you an idea of what Dr. Emoto’s work respresents, check out these pictures, taken from his website.  They depict the difference between purity, nature, and kindness and unconscious actions or negativity.  

Water from the cleanest river in 

I love these pictures because they remind me that nature is always going to create something more profound, more authentic and hence more beautiful than what is man-made.  Nature’s gentle way yields perfection.  When I extrapolate that to my thoughts and actions, I can see how being in flow, listening to my body, and trusting the process will bring a wellbeing far more profound than when I  try and force it or artificially recreate it.  I simply must allow and listen to the innate guidance we all have inside of us.

The deeper aspects of living Off White invite each of us to listen to that inner wisdom and learn from nature.    I have been humbled and inspired lately by this concept, and my hope is that perhaps you will to.  
A place to begin?  How about gratitude.  Think of something to be grateful for when you sit down to a meal or when you purchase food at the market.  Thing of something you are thankful for when you wake up and when you go to bed.  Its amazing how such a simple concept can really alter your perception of life, and hence the choices you then make, for the better.

I am so grateful for this blog, and the voice you all have given me to express myself.  The internet can be a powerful tool for connection, when the intentions are right.

Thank you 🙂

Dunkin Donut Democratic Disaster……

Dunkin Donuts

So this morning I had to work early, and part of my job is getting our wellness center ready for AM customers. I turn on our TV’s, and see some shocking news.

They were listing the amount of $$ certain politicians were spending. One campaignee (no names mentioned because I just don’t want to get political) spend over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS on Dunkin’ Donuts.

Whoa. Back up…. This is a SCARY fact. Donuts are just about the harshest thing you can have to get your going in the morning. Full of refined carbs, poor quality sugars and basically nothing nourishing whatsoever, donuts are a sinister species of junkedness. Why is it that people who are working hard to elect the next leaders of the “free world” are eating garbage, and having it PAID FOR by the campaign.

This gets me so mad. Have any of you every been on a sugar high, and then a sugar crash? I certainly have and it ain’t no mindset to be in when you are making major decisions. And you KNOW these folks are working hard, ’round the clock, to get the votes. They need nourishment! They need sustainence! They need REAL food!!!!

So, in reaction to today’s news, I  have decided to make my top 10 list of foods that I would serve to my campaigners if I were to be running for prez:

  • Herbal and green teas would ALWAYS be available, along with agave nectar, honey and stevia for sweetening
  • Fresh fruit and veggie trays would be purchased in Lieu of Donuts. Truthfully, donuts aren’t that cheap anymore (maybe if you’re going to be president you get a discount??), so I’d spend a few extra $$ on some produce. I don’t want my staff sluggish, constipated or on their way to diabetes….
  • How about some whole grains? : A nice fresh loaf of whole grain bread from a local bakery with some REAL butter, maybe nice jam, maybe even some yummy coffee (if you’re into that sort of thing).  That would be a real way to get connected with the locals too.  For instance, if I was here in Salem, OR, I’d get some goodies from Great Harvest Bread Co and support the small business.
  • Even places like Baja Fresh are better options for mid-day or late night grub. Heck, even your local taqueria or falafel house is probably a better bet than Donuts. I’d go there instead.
  • Let’s make a run the nearest Trader Joe’s and pick up some black bean chips, hummus, fresh salsa, and bean dips… and feeds lots of people.
  • Not that I LOVE bagels as an option, but some small, whole grain bagels with some rockin smears, and even lox if I’m feeling generous that day.
  • Even Pizza would make my list: even pizza with meat.  But it would be from a local, wood-fire kind of place and it wouldn’t be daily.
  • Last time I checked, grocery stores are in every city and they all have delis, fresh produce sections and usually a natural food section.   I guess you wouldn’t be on my campaign if you couldn’t stand the idea of brown rice cakes + almond butter and a kiwi as a quick breakfast.
  • Larbars
  • I’d also MAKE my staff drink TONS of water with lemon. We’re going to be working hard. We’re going to be stressed. Junk food WILL creep in during the campaign, so how about keep it flushing out so we don’t have a coronary just about the time we get elected.

Okay, I officially live in a euphoric world.  But c’mon….we can do butter than 10K on donuts, can’t we?  What does that say about how we value health and the ability to achieve it when we are busy?  Life is never going to get any slower, we have to learn to make it possible to live well and healthy despite our choices to be very busy active people.  Think about that the next time you bring snacks to the office board meeting.  What does your snack say about what you value when health and work start to tango?