Eating that humble pile


Today I ate some humble pie.  No, I’m not talking about some great recipe I concocted in the kitchen.  I’m talking about facing my own ego and battle with getting off the white junk.

Let me explain:  This past Sunday I was feeling sorry for myself because I cancelled some afternoon plans.  So, obviously, the way to rectify is to make cookies for your husband and start eating all the dough, right.  Yes, that will fix it, for sure!

Well, here I am, one hand in the bowl and the other in the computer checking my email.  And there it is – my gift from above: an email from a dear friend in San Diego.  She’s talking about how grateful she is that we were friends and how proud she is of me for this whole off-white thing, and how it inspires her.

Gulp.  Whoa!  What was I doing?  Total breach of my connection to what matters to me.  Was the cookie dough REALLY going to make it easier to cope with my feelings of guilt about cancelling some plans?  hmm….nope.  So, I had to make a choice.

Thankfully I chose the ‘right’ path, which was for me, letting go of the bowl and getting moving with the business of life. I had a lovely evening of golf with my husband (my first time), and dinner with a friend.  None of that would have transpired if I would have dove into  the dough one step further.

So, thank you to my dear friend.  you know who you are. I love you!