music to my ears

(BTW: this pic has nothing to do with my post, but I just loved the colors- music to my eyes, perhaps)

Hey all,

Sometimes the sound of my own voice in my head is the music I need to hear.  Man, is that self-talk powerful stuff!!  Its been an amazing (read: hard as hell) week, with so much insight, cooking, and personal growth.  I’ve been looking at the power of my inner voice, especially as it plays into food and my relationship to choosing foods and why i choose them.  Matt’s transition to Davis really pulled the carpet out from underneath me.  My M.O. is totally to go into a  victim mentality, or a fear of “what is next”, and then put my self-care on hold.  Because I am prone to anxiety, I find myself wanting to back to my reliable tool of food (read: sugar) to calm the anxiety and mask  the feelings.  
This time around I’m a little more aware of that and have had lots of growth opportunities and ways to express myself instead of  going into the food, or staying in the food when I dabble in the white stuff (because I do – hey, I’m human)

One of the growth opportunities comes in the form of learning how to podcast.  I’m so excited to play with media sources for sharing Off-White Living.  Its really healing to me to express myself verbally, and hear others express themselves too.  I also attended an awesome yoga workshop at Flow yoga in Hood River, OR, which serendipitously gave me fabulous insight.

So, today I present to you my first podcast, which is a 5 minute insight on my relationship with my body and how yoga principles awakened in me a deeper love of self. Enjoy.



Now that Matt isn’t I have a lot more time on my hands.  Sometimes good things can come from free time, like inspiration.  Today I enjoyed some inspiration from a beautiful view of Wine Country near Dundee Oregon while attending a going away party for a dear friend, and off-white supporter, Sandy.

I know for a fact that I enjoyed the party and could feast my eyes on the view and feast my heart on the good company because I made good off-white choices.  Parties can be really hard for me because I suddenly want what I didn’t even know existed 5 minutes ago when I see a buffet table of food.  I’m so grateful for my choices tonight.

The inspiration continued on the way home as I enjoyed the fleeting moments of sunset and chatted with my husband, who was also enjoying the fleeting moments of sunset 500 miles away….aah, the sweet feeling of missing a person I love….

finally, check this out: New Thought Radio – her voice, her words and her message are all very loving and exactly what I was looking for tonight.

Good night, and (naturally) sweet dreams….