In search of the finest guacamole in all of Jalisco

Mexico is turning out to be such a foodie dream come true. Sure, there are fine restaurants (we’ve eaten at a few, like La Palapa in Puerto Vallarta). But that is not where the real essence of fine cuisine lives, in my mind.

The real essence of Mexico’s food is found in much more humble places, like the pueblos and small cities that surround Banderas bay and are home to some fine people, and fine foods… guacamole.

Thank goodness every restaurant we visit serves guacalome, usually accompanied by shrimp ceviche, a local speciality. As we sit and lounge under a hand-made palapa watching the waves come into the bay, you can hear the clamour from the kitchen as grandma, auntie (Tia), unclo (tio) and all the cousins (primos) of a family cut, chop, grill and mince to prepare us our dinner. And it it worth the wait.

Mexican food is relatively simple, but that is what is so great. Beans, rice, homemade tortillas and some fresh-caught fish are the fundamentals of a good meal. Add some salsa verde (green), rojo (red) or mexicana (pico de gallo-ish) for flavor and vioala!

So far we’ve tasted fish and guac at every place we’ve eaten and nothing has disappointed us. I am enchanted with the reminder of how close to the food this culture truly is. The mango groves are just a few miles away (Supplying california w/most of their mangos as we learned today).

If you happen down here and want to have an awesome tour that is not your typical “gringo” tour, consider my amigo Adenis and his tour company Vip class tours. He’s a great guy and gives the best experience of “real” Mexico, topped off with a visit to his uncle’s restaurant EL GORDO in Buserias (a town North of P. Vallarta – a new favorite of mine and home to lots of Canadians and Ex-pats).

I’ve taken so many foodie and cultural pics, if only I’d have brought my cord for uploading pics. More to come later….

Adios amigos!

2 thoughts on “In search of the finest guacamole in all of Jalisco

  1. Sara March 11, 2008 / 7:41 pm

    I am so jealous! Talk about living the life! I am looking forward to hearing all about your fun food adventures and your trip when you get back! Hugs and love from the home front! Madeline sends her loves as well….PURR….

  2. offwhiteliving March 12, 2008 / 10:31 pm

    Thanks, Sara!
    I will share all of my adventures, w/pics on this blog and with friends when I return. I actually miss home a bit! THanks for taking such good care of Madeline 🙂

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