it’s not rocket surgery


People overwhelm me.  In a good way.  Like this shirt – a gift to my husband from a client who always wore a shirt with this saying to his 6 am fitness class.  Now he is leaving, and we are simply feeling the immense gratitude and love that has been surrounding us both for the past 2 yrs in Oregon.

This is a picture of all the cards and well wishes we recieved in the past week from colleagues, clients, members of our center, and friends.  What was so incredible about all of this, is that many of the cards shared the same theme: “thank you for helping me change my life”.

Both my husband and I advocate the off-white way of being at work.  Sometimes its through a class, sometimes just a passing comment to somebody who asks a question.  I’m so deeply touched by how many people have been deeply touched and forever changed by this work.  One person mentioned how her husband no longer takes blood pressure meds because of the exercise and off-white cooking classes she has taken.  Wow.  Big.

I want to take a moment to express is the most public way I can right now how much I enjoy the community we are creating  through wellness.  Off-white is not just about recipes or good food ideas, but about people coming together to celebrate their lives with one another in a wholesome, sustainable way.  

There were many tears shed (of joy and sadness for good-byes) in the last 48 hrs, and it feels good.  What may have started as just education has moved into relationships, and we are now in a place to speak from the heart with many of the people who have crossed our paths.

I’m lucky: in 10 days, when I return from California, I know I’ll get to see the same amazing faces and glean more and more inspiration from THEIR inspiration.    My clients are my biggest teachers and my biggest motivators.  Tonight’s card reading ceremony was a huge reminder to me of how important it is that I stay the course and continue to fuel my own passion for Off-White Living.  There are just too many darn good people to connect with for me to even consider otherwise.

Thank you Oregon for taking us in and making us family.


Matt and Rebecca


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  1. Nichole September 7, 2008 / 1:12 am

    ahh…I’m happy for your guys. Sad you’ll be apart alot for the next few years but know there are people here for you just as you have been here for us! 🙂

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