Finding some options when there are no options

This has been a fun week.  I’ve been hanging out in Davis, CA with Matt getting to know his new ‘digs’ at school and being a pseudo student.

So part of that entailed the Grad school BBQ at the Rec Pool lodge.  We had no idea what to expect, but apparently grad students flock to free food and they get there early.  Showing up ‘fashionably late’ meant waiting in a god-awful line for some crappy bbq dogs and burgers.   I suppose as a student one gets used to waiting in life for things, because everybody else seemed more than happy to take their place in a line that literally did not move for about 10 minutes.  Round the corner we could smell the faint scent of grilling meats, but at this point the certainty of getting our meal was unclear.   

Maybe it was the thought of waiting in line for 1 hour for crappy food, or the fact that I secretly like making something out of nothing, but I took my own course: headed straight for the ‘fixins’ table (which apparently was in a totally separate location and not governed by a line that wrapped around the building.  What happened to all the happy students once they got their grilled fare, I’m not sure because the fixin’s table was dead empty) and made myself two lovely sandwiches with the following:

The Grad School BBQ meatless and breadless sandwich

2 large pieces of lettuce (Iceberg please!  – Just kidding, but that is what I had to work with)
5 slices of tomato
2 thick slices of onion
2 slices of cheese (American please!  – I think it was at least Tillamok, so I’ll just tell myself that) 
TONS of mustard

Assemble the goods amongst the two lovely large lettuce leaves.  Accompany with a bottle of water and a few Kettle potato chips as a splurge.  Eat gratefully because at least you got something, right?  this meal also serves as a low-cost alternative to a real bbq, which is a consideration for those on a grad school budget.

all in all…not a bad gig.  I left laughing and satisfied, and it certainly made for a good memory….if only I had my camera with me 🙂