Now that Matt isn’t I have a lot more time on my hands.  Sometimes good things can come from free time, like inspiration.  Today I enjoyed some inspiration from a beautiful view of Wine Country near Dundee Oregon while attending a going away party for a dear friend, and off-white supporter, Sandy.

I know for a fact that I enjoyed the party and could feast my eyes on the view and feast my heart on the good company because I made good off-white choices.  Parties can be really hard for me because I suddenly want what I didn’t even know existed 5 minutes ago when I see a buffet table of food.  I’m so grateful for my choices tonight.

The inspiration continued on the way home as I enjoyed the fleeting moments of sunset and chatted with my husband, who was also enjoying the fleeting moments of sunset 500 miles away….aah, the sweet feeling of missing a person I love….

finally, check this out: New Thought Radio – her voice, her words and her message are all very loving and exactly what I was looking for tonight.

Good night, and (naturally) sweet dreams….