its beginning to look a lot like detox

check out day two of detox!

I am winding down my day with a hot shower and the use of a fabulous coconut lotion my friend S. picked up for me from Austrailia.  Detox makes me tired, so I’m going to study until 9pm, talk with Matt on Skype until 9:30 and hit the hay.  Funny, I didn’t think my body was THAT toxic, being as I just did this process in November.  Must have been all that time with family – I’m purging the foods and the family stress 🙂

At the end of this week I’m treating myself to a haircut at the Aveda Institute in Portland.  If I can’t eat out, at least I can have great hair!  They have great haircuts, products and service, and its easy on the pocketbook.