Cleanse-fest and frugal frittata (recipe)

Hi all,

Cleansing is going okay, especially with friends to snowshoe with today (thanks guys!), which helps take the mind off all the foods I can’t have.  I’ve noticed a little loneliness creeping in because its been 1 week since I’ve seen Matt.  Often when lonely I want to turn to food.  It’s hard when cleansing because food does not have the allure (which is good), so I have to look more and feel more of my feelings.  Tonight I cooked a warm cup of rice milk to give me a comfort while watching “Mystery Diagnosis” on TLC.  Total comfort evening, but better than what it has been in the past (Sugar binge).

I craved pizza like crazy after the snow, and there really is not anything like pizza that is cleanse friendly, so I sucked it up and had arugula salad w/tomatoes and vinaigrette  and some of the soup I made with A. on Friday.

Since I didn’t blog all weekend, here are 3 videos from cleanse-fest baking night on Friday with A.  We made the most rockin’ dessert falafels, so you have to watch that video at least!!!

(soups and cleanse friendly cooking) 

(falafel video ) 


(Juicing #2 – the end product) 

After juicing we had tons of pulp .  Me being a frugal gal, and always thinking of ways to save money and eat well, there was no way I was going to let all that great organic by-product go to waste!  So I made some frugal frittata – here is the recipe:

5 organic eggs
about 1.5 cups of veggie juice pulp (W/green apples in my case)
1/2 yellow onion
2 tsp cumin
1 tomato, chopped
1 tsp sea salt

Sautee the onion with salt and cumin.  Add the 5 eggs and pulp to the skillet and cook on low/med for 4 minutes, until it is almost like an egg scramble.  Don’t over mix.  Next, put the skillet in the oven on ‘broil’ for 4 minutes to brown the eggs.  Top with chopped tomato and enjoy!! 

Okay, I have officially completed 1 week of cleansing.  Other than the grains in the pulp-flax muffins I made this weekend (about 1.5 cups of gluten free whole grain cereal adn ezekiel sprouted grain cereal instead of flour), I won’t have grains again until next Sunday.  I don’t miss them, especially if I can have sweet potatoes, rice milk (in limited quantities), and a few fruits.

See you soon!