Detox day #4: The Incredible, Edible Egg



God, I love eggs……and my how I missed them during my 3-days of vegan detox.  Now I can have them back and I’m so grateful.

Why I love eggs:

  • Egg white are the most perfect protein to which all proteins are measured
  • In just 70 calories, you can have a few grams of healthy fats, B vitamins, selenium, and 7g of pure protein – what a deal!!
  • They are an inexpensive source of protein
  • They are easy to cook and you can take hard boiled eggs on the go
  • Coloring easter eggs is fun….oh wait, that has nothing to do with eating, but its still a reason I love ’em

Check out these off white detox truths revealed here as I recount day 4: