thanks readers, for carrying me through

Hey all,

no video this morning because, well…..I look like something the cat dragged in, and its just too early to put that on youtube ūüôā

I just want to deeply thank all who read this blog and especially those who make a comment, drop me a line, or stop me in the hall at work to talk about what they read/watched the night before.

In short, readers YOU ROCK!!!

There are many times in my life these days where I feel alone – with Matt being gone and some of the rapid changes in the world and economy, It just makes me feel like an island. ¬†Not to mention how it can feel to go to a bar and order tea while your friends are ordering burgers and fries (Hello, the only thing more torturous was if that burger came with a brownie a la mode…). ¬†It can be hard to be the high maintenance eater, and it can REALLY be hard to be the sugar binge eater who wants to devour a mountain of oatmeal cookinges because she is stressed.

So thank goodness I have you all, and I just love hearing about your experiences, ideas, challenges, etc around this crazy little thing called food.

One of my teachers once said that America is an example of what happens when you combine unlimited choices with free will. ¬†Well said, I believe. ¬†It’s hard to stay in the off-white realm, both in physical choices and in emotional wellbeing, when there are so many reasons and opportunities to fall off the wagon.

So here I am today nearing the end of my 2 week cleanse.  It almost feels normal now.  Last night I grilled up some Salmon with cumin and curry and stir-fried onions to go with it.  Put that wit ha side of sweet potatoe and 1/2 grapefruit for dessert РDE-LISH!!

And really, it felt pretty good to come home from my night with friends having just had tea, since I wasn’ hungry anyway and the burgers/fries would have been mindless eating. ¬†Nothing tastes better than making good choices that leave me feeling proud and having good memories.

Hugs to you all and happy Friday,