but what do I eat??

Hey all,

a lot of people ask me what I eat when cleansing.  I ask myself the SAME question, believe me.

Happily, cleansing is OVER, but I made some foolish choices to eat a few too many ‘non clease’ frlendly foods last night.  How could I resist – friends gathering for a potluck.  It was all amazing, but the tummy ain’t so happy.  Oh well, it was worth every bite! – Just goes to show me how much my body acclimates to cleanse foods.

SO, if you want to see some visual of cleanse friendly groceries, check this out:


If you want to see what is in store for me next, her is my goal:


3 veggies/day at least 1 dark green
2-3 fruits, no bananas, grapes, cherries, pineapple (unless special occasions) – mostly apples of all varieties, citrus, berries, mango, kiwi
Protein at every meal: beans, meats except pork (red meat 2x/month MAX), and lots of fish/eggs; also rice protein drinks when desired/needed

FATS: everything healthy except butter because I just don’t digest it well, especially in large doses….and who really needs butter in large doses

3-4x/week: GRAINS
quinoa or rice or sprouted grain/spelt grains. NO BREADS, MUFFINS, BAKED GOODS, as they are too refiend.  


Wasa bread, only if its the wheat-free variety
Goat cheese
high quality yogurt (plain)
Rice milk hot chocolate 

What I am NOT doing:

dairy, HFCS, refined sugars or items with sugars in the first 5 ingredients, nuts (except when they are a condiment or mixed in at low volumes), wheat.    If I can do that for the long term, I’m GOLDEN!!

I’d also like to emphasize no eating past 8pm and I really want to abstain from chocolate because it really just makes me kind of nutty – even the good stuff.


2 thoughts on “but what do I eat??

  1. Tiff Sharrar January 19, 2009 / 7:28 am

    This is great! Thanks so much! I was totally making my gorcery list off of your video!
    I am going to try the grapeseed oil as I just learned recently, in a cooking class you taught,that you destroy the “blessings” of olive oil frying in high temps with it. Something I have been doing for 15 years! Yikes! When we know better, we do better, right! So thanks for the tips and the weekly reminders to care for our bodies and tune in, instead of out!

    P.S. Hey! My favorite salsa too!!! I can eat PDG by the spoon full! I put it on my salads…and dump a bunch in my veggie-scrambles if I don’t have time to cut up veggies etc. In a perfect world we could by that by the 5 gallon bucket at COSTCO! 🙂 Well…Thanks again Off-White Girl! Peace-n-LOVE your way! Tiff

    • offwhiteliving January 20, 2009 / 5:38 am

      hey Tiff,
      glad to see another PDG fan in the crowd there. Yes, 5 gallons ought to do it. I love the spicy and juicy combo – YUM!!!
      Glad you got the grapeseed oil. Let me know your thoughts when you use it.

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