Nutrition workshop coming to Woodburn, OR

Hey gang,

I’m heading back up North in Sept to each a fun-filled and experientail nutrition workshop with my dear friend and colleague Andrea (you’ve seen us on such fun videos as ‘how to juice’ and ‘dessert falafels’)……

I can send you the flyer for the event, but here is the down and dirty:

What: “Your Best Body Nutrition” workshop
When: Fri Sept 11th: 5:30 pm – 8:30, pm + Sat Sept 12th, 8:30am – 5pm
Where: Wellspring, Woodburn, OR (BEAUTIFUL environment for a workshop, if you’ve not been there – it’s a treat for the eyes)

Why?: Many of us are looking for ways to both LEARN relevant whole food nutrition  information and UNDERSTAND our relationship to eating.  This workshop will give you both.  We’ll cook healthy food togehter, you’ll get info from our guest lecturer, Chelsea Lenge RD, on eating for blood sugar balancing (and hence weight management) and you’ll get Wellness coaching guidance to help you understand your eating patterns and why you make the choices that you do.  Blend this with a little yoga, a dance party on Fri night, and a grocery store scaveneger hunt and…voila!!!  You walk away happy, healthy and with a better understanding of YOU!!  We’ll also feed you nourishing, healthy food with NO white sugar/flour of course!

So, who’s in??

PS: the cost is $150 and if you want more info, you can do the following:

1. email me:
2. call the Fitness center at Wellspring: 971-983-5230
3. visit: and find the fitness center.

please RSVP by Sept 4th!