This just in: Research showing the bennies of Coconut

Hey off-white bloggies,
Now that I’ve  got access to the UC Davis research database I can delve into all kinds of topics that I’ve been just waiting to explore.

One of these topics is coconut: namely its health benefits.  Most of us on the holistic side of the fence buy into the thousands of years of evidence that it has benefit, but what does modern research say?

Well, turns out that in a study in Africa men with cardiovascular disease had a better response with coconut consumption with regard to cholesterol profile (Coconut raised HDL and lowered LDL) and blood pressure, as well as triglycerides than those who consumed soybean oil.


I’ll keep digging for more.  Thank goodness for the science geek crusaders who do these studies so we can speak the same langauge as the ‘evidence based’ community when it comes to advocating for the use of certain healthy foods.

BTW: with reference to coconut, I’m talking about the ‘real’ stuff: unrefined coconut butter/oil versus the stuff used to make girl scout cookies, etc.

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One thought on “This just in: Research showing the bennies of Coconut

  1. Gladys September 15, 2009 / 5:57 pm

    Rebecca (and all…)
    I’ve been eating GF oatmeal w/ dried cherries, cranberries & flaked coconut in it every morning for quite a while. My last HDL level was 110!

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