Unexpected gift


Today is my birthday.  Yep, 33 years of life behind me now and a WORLD ahead of me!

Truthfully, I really don’t like to celebrate my birthday.  I’ve had a history of some pretty crummy birthdays so I just like to lay low.

No such luck last night.  Our dear friend H., ever the social butterfly, organized a DUAL surprise party for myself and another fellow Virgo celebrating a birthday.

I was absolutely touched and surprised…not just at the gesture, but how much it meant to me to realize that I am already surrounded by a loving community here at Davis.  People took the time to come, share their evening, and acknowledge what is often a day I simply want to pass over.

Okay, here is the topper: H. knows I don’t eat cake, so he and his roomate J. made what just might be my new favorite treat:

Gluten free Macarons.  Yes, Macarons…. not macaroons.  Basically this is an almond based merengue filled with marscapone cheese, fig, and a touch of honey…. TOTALLY Off-White!  Wow!!  Sooooo cool 🙂

It was great to pass around a plate of macarons instead of a cake which just doesn’t work for me these days.  It was immensely thoughtful and creative.

Today also included some unexpected gifts, such as a wonderful AM bikeride and being treated to a home made breakfast by my love, Matt!

The cherry on top of this cake is that Matt’s gift to me was tix to a play and dinner at our FAVORITE restaurant ever, called The Kitchen.  More than that, seeing the look in his eyes when I squealed with delight upon opening, was PRICELESS.

Okay, so maybe my birthday luck is turning around  ………

If I can get my hands on the macaron recipe I’ll send it your way bloggies!

3 thoughts on “Unexpected gift

  1. Tiff Sharrar September 18, 2009 / 2:40 am


  2. jerome beattie September 23, 2009 / 4:28 pm

    well happy belated b-day. 33 thats great being a fellow virgo i turned 50something on sept 10. like your blog jennifer at wellspring gave me the url so this is my first time here. i will visit again and read more later. i was looking for your wine review i hope you matt and friends enjoyed it.
    well heres to you
    miss you guys

    • offwhiteliving September 27, 2009 / 8:38 pm

      Hey Jerome,
      thanks for the birthday wishes- you have a good memory!
      Happy Belated birthday to you too! how did you celebrate? We were in Mt. Lassen, which was great 🙂
      Are you still working out in the AM? Gotta carry the torch!
      We miss you and the misfits too! I’m still doing my workouts at 6am here and think of you guys a lot.
      Wine review coming – I’ll make a point of it 🙂

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