Gluten-free going mainsteam?

Check out THIS ARTICLE to learn more about trends in Gluten-Free products, especially baking products.

At first it gets me excited to think about more gluten-free products on the market.  Gluten-free certainly falls within the Off-White umbrella, assuming the products  are also white sugar free and use some unrefined sweeteners in moderation.

But then I thought again.  Much like the way that Wal-Mart is into Organics, could the mainstream gluten-free trend take away from the “spirit” of gluten-free and “whole food” eating?  I think yes.  The article mentioned the possibility of pop and bake cinnamon rolls from Pilsbury.   On one hand, it’s a victory for those who can’t have gluten and currenty can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of baking cinnamon rolls for their loved ones right out of the can.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT….. do we really need more ways for any of us to access refined carbs at the pop of a can?  I think not.  Not to mention the concern I have as to the quality of ingredients a big label like Pilsbury would use.  Are they going to sweeten their bake mixes with Beet sugar, like The Cravings Place does?  (Try the brownies by Craving’s Place: only 12g of sugar, no dairy, gluten- free and FAB).

Gluten-free by no means always means nutritiously superior.  For those of use who eat mostly gluten-free for health reasons, we are not going to serve ourselves by buying gluten-free cookie mix and gobbling up high-sugar gluten-free cookies the same way we did ‘regular’ cookies.

Instead I think the movement, gluten-free or otherwise, ought to be in giving people tools to cook wholesome treats – treats that SATISFY, that have QUALITY as part of the brand promise, and that remind us of putting treat foods in balance.

I have to really be careful not to be duped by the promise of health I project onto “organic”, “gluten-free” or ‘unrefined’. Excess is excess and I can O.D. on agave-sweetened spelt muffins as much as Costco super ginormous muffins if I’m not being mindful adn really looking at WHAT I put into my body and (more importantly for me): WHY AM I EATING??!!

So, my opinion is that more GF products could be a victory for those with Celiacs or other gluten-intolerances but also could be a gateway into more refined carb eating that was once exclusionary (thank goodness?!!) to those w/Gluten sensitivity.  Let’s all just do our personal work to be mindful and grateful when we eat and maybe it won’t be an issue……