Coaching for a cause: purchase my services AND help out a farm in need

Hey hey bloggies,

I recently heard about a local (Nor Cal) farm that was devastated by a recent fire and really in need of support….so I decided to donate a coaching package to their online fundraising auction.

Thanks to the farm’s friend and community liaison, Bonnie, I’m now part of an online auction where folks like you can bid on really cool stuff and experiences to help this sustainable farm get back on its feet.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to help out and I feel that it is the beginning of what I hope is more collaborations between the food side of nutrition and the education side (me!).  Besides me, there are other fabulous items to choose from, some of which you can even experience if you live outside of the Interstate-80 corridor in Nor Cal.

Check out the link below and pass it along to anybody you think might want to know:

Soul Farm Auction