She ain’t much to look at, but she’ll do just fine

EC garden 009

So I decided to make a garden.  As part of my own personal journey of taking my committment to off whilte living one step further, it seems logical (and fun) to make gardening a serious endeavor.  I tried a garden in Oregon and FAILED miserably.  I’m pretty sure every plant I put in the ground died or molded.  Turns out plants need sunlight on a daily basis, not just downpours of rain from my roof awning…DUH! Note to self, don’t be so hasty next time.

This time I decided to do it right.  I took my $40 to the experimental College on campus (AKA the place where you take all the holistic classes and such) and purchase a 400 sq ft plot.  She’s mine all mine.

Oh, but what am I supposed to do with this now? Thank GOD my garden tour started with sometips on digging up old plants, airrating the soil (is that even close to the spelling) and where to get the manure, rice hulls, mulch, etc.

I learned that if I’m going to plant potatoes, the manure must be laid on at least 120 days ahead of harvest so I’m not eating crap (literally) when I dig up my taters for dinner.  Good to know, these things.

So what does gardening have to do with off white living?  First, I need an outlet that is not exercise, school or cerebral in any way.  If  I’m going to quell my scholastic anxiety with something other than sugar, gardening seems like a pretty good choice.

Second, I need and want healthy food.  I will make a green smoothie with Kale in it every day if I’m not paying $1.89/head of kale.  Do the math, those greens get expensive.  Today chard was $2.99 at the Co-0p for 1 bunch.  Yikes. Same story with other veggies.  Yes, we have yolo fruit stand,  but how fun will it be to make mashed turnips with rosemary when I have grown the turnips and rosemary.  I’m hoping that if I keep my attention directed on the way of eating that I WANT (ie, move toward the positive), there won’t be room in my day, my head or my fridge for things I don’t want.

Third: It’s a way to make friends.  Already two helpers have participated in the gardening endeavors of moving branches and weeding the soil.

Tomorrow it’s seed and start buying day and planting seeds indoors as needed b/f they go into the ground.  Good times 🙂

EC garden 001

I’ll keep ya posted.