Obesity symposium, here I come!

I’m so excited.  I got into the COAST (obesity treatment/research center at UCSF) symposium on obesity this coming Friday.

Imagine…I get to rub elbows and listen intentily to the leaders in food addiction/binge eating and behavioral approaches to obesity.  We even have a segment on mindful eating (hopefully just before lunch).

What this symposium makes me feel is an affirmation that my passion for looking at the behaviors it takes for people to change their relationship to food is a GOOD and WORTHY cause.  Sometimes at Davis I wonder if I’m just crazy because I’m not fired up about mechanisms and cellular signaling (snore).  But the fact that a major university is putting on this conference and PhD/MD type folks are going to be speaking is affirmation to me that I’m not alone.

It inspires me more to work on the vision I have for off-white living – to be a community hub (Virtual) for people to feel supported, share ideas, and get relevant, helpful information that can acutaly empower them.  I believe it takes a community to substantiate change in our food lifestyles and our committment to wellness, so I’m eager to see what comes out of this.

Okay just had to share my good news!

2 thoughts on “Obesity symposium, here I come!

  1. Gladys February 18, 2010 / 1:35 am

    Oh Man! I hope you’ll be ready to share afterwards!!

  2. Alice February 21, 2010 / 1:08 am

    I’m looking forward to hearing about that!!! 🙂

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