one more reason to go off white

Sometimes I love my biochem class… (and then sometimes it’s the bane of my existence).

Recently I’m in the love phase b/c I’m learning about cholesterol metabolism.  Guess what causes high body cholesterol……(drum roll) – HIGH CARB DIETS!  Yes, it’s true, there are several mechanisms that result in body having lots of fats called triglycerides and the production of cholesterol in the liver.

So why were animal products given the scarlet letter for cholesterol?  First, it wasn’t know that some people have defiencies in their LDL receptors (that is what takes cholesterol from blood to tissue for use), so there are populations of folks w/naturally elevated cholesterol.  These folks need to watch it in the diet… but that is not everybody’s condition with elevated cholesterol.  Several other genetic factors exist, but to give a ‘one size fits all’ diet to people w/high cholesterol is being way to broad.

Now the science folks know that high cholestrol isn’t all about the diet, but it IS all about the high carb diet.  So, gang – looks like you are doing a body good by eating those healthy fats, lean meats (grass fed for better fat profiles), and whole grains that are digested slowly.

What I find fascinating is that several heart disease reversal programs are based on a VERY high carb/LOW fat diet….work for some (probably those w/the genetic issue) but can exascerbate the problem for others.

Do you have high cholesterol or Triglycerides?  Start w/removing the junky carbs (which usually also takes care of the trans fats too!) and see what happens……

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  1. Gladys February 18, 2010 / 1:36 am

    Sure–easy….. Cough, cough.

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