Grubbing down (on burgers!) without breaking the calorie bankPi

Tonight Matt and I had an adventure.  Tired of the same ol’ burger scene in Davis, we scoured the web for tips on finding a great burger joint in Sacto.  And boy did we!!  As mindful as I am about diet, in my opion, a quality burger is actually health food.  It was a bit of a dive, but the food was great, the meat was fresh, and there was a live band.  Who could pass this up?

But a burger as Health food?  Seriously?  Yep.  If you do it right.  Think about it.  Ground beef/turkey is chock full o’ protein, some healthy fats (grass fed moreso), and burgers  are a venue for fresh raw veggies….and if you play your cards right, you get real potato fries, like steak fries that aren’t as greasy.   Look at the picture again.  You can tell this burger was made from fresh ground steak and note the generous dose of mustard and hot sauce on the top.  Also note the extra veggies… Okay, so it’s not exactly the same I’d eat when I’m on a cleanse, but its better for me than eating something like pasta, which might trigger over eating of empty carbs, and definitely better for me than having dessert.

Here’s how I go from mindless to mindful indulgence when eating burgers:

  • Pick your spot.  Tonight it was Nation Wide Freezer Meats (yes, that is the name), which uses fresh ground steak.  Delicious.  Also, not full of added fats or salts.  Extra delicious.
  • There is no need to go ‘double double’ or any craziness like that.  Stick to one patty, even if you are hungry
  • Skip the cheese.
  • Ask for extra veggies, especially if you are not going to sub those french fries for salad.
  • Skip the ‘sauce’.  Add your own condiments when the burger arrives.  Sauce can be code for ‘fat/salt/sugar’
  • As soon as the burger arrives, take of the top layer of bun and discard or give it to your husband, who is happy to have another vehicle to consume his double-double burger patties
  • Use mustard instead of ketchup – less sugar, more tang
  • add a little hot sauce (like I did tonite)
  • Get the fries if they are steak fries and not dripping with grease.  Face it, they’re going to be a bit fatty, but there are good fries and there are those which are a waste of time
  • Skip the shake and soda.  Go water.  Confession: tonight I had diet coke. What can I say, it’s hard to eat greasy food w/o a little bubbly water
  • Know that this burger is not a daily, or even weekly occurrence and enjoy every last juicy,messy, greasy bite like I did.   No regrets, and no deprivation even with my modifications…

One thought on “Grubbing down (on burgers!) without breaking the calorie bankPi

  1. Anna April 12, 2010 / 5:01 pm

    I don’t know if you have tried it or not – but my husband was looking for a something to mix-up the Burgers & Brew scene (and their insane lines), and came across Froggy’s/Tommy J’s at G & 2nd. It might be a bar scene on the weekend, but he’s gone during the day a few times now and loves it. He and his friends say the burgers are better than the ones at Burgers & Brew. I’m not a hamburger lover so I have no idea. Just if you want to mix it up in town – I don’t know about you but Sacramento always seems “so far!” LOL

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