bloggies, you need to see this!

Just read an article listing the 20 most sugar beverages in the USA right now.  Pretty s scary because we see them everyday at the store, in schools, at work, and maybe in our houses (gulp…hey, not shame here, I’m right there with you on the sweet warm beverage front).

I like how this article put the beverages neck and neck with some sugar foods, so you can see how the sugar content measures up.  There is this weird misnomer about beverages ‘not counting’ but really in a lot of ways they can be worse becuase  we don’t ‘count’ them as much, tend to over consume them because they don’t make us full, and they are a cheap form of lots of sugar!

I’m proud to say I’ve drastically cut my sugar sweetened beverage intake (aka, hot chocolate and sweetened decaf coffee drinks)  in the past month.  It was getting out of hand, and getting spendy.  Now I only have them on occasion, which I think is how they are supposed to be enjoyed.  What changed for me?  I guess you could say I was just willing and ready.  It had been far too long and it was getting far too ridiculous.  Almond milk, at $6/gallon, is too expensive to be guzzling a 16 oz hot chocolate everyday, and the other drinks are LOADED with sugar and who knows what else…and I get addicted.  So there it is.

now read this!

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