Coffe Shop Kunundrum solved

Reason # 1,295 that I love the Davis Coop: Almond Milk coffee drinks.  You’d think more people would have caught on to the idea that soy and dairy are two big allergens, and would offer something else.  But it’s a rare occasion down here for that to be th case.  The Coop is leading the pack with the revolutionary idea of offering almond milk in their coffee drinks AND having Stevia.

Why almond milk over rice?  For me almond milk is trumping rice milk because it is lower in sugar, calories and has a richer flavor than rice milk.  I currently stock up on Silk Almond milk in the half-gallon at Safeway when I’m making my own drinks, or buying a quart for $1.69 at Trader Joe’s in Sacto!

Other coffee houses, like Common Grounds, in Davis will make a drink if I bring the almond milk, but I still get charged full price, so it gets spendy.

yay for Coops!  They also make their own vanilla flavoring and use cocoa powder instead of sugary cocoa syrup.

What about you bloggies, what are your favorite coffee shop kunundrum solutions?