Mc Make-overs

This past Monday, in the name of science, I chomped on a sausage egg McMuffin with cheese for breakfast.  Did I mention I got $20 and a free blood draw?  Score!  Hey, I’m a starving student…cut me some slack.

The whole experience got me thinking about why people go to Micky-D’s for B-fast anyway?  The line was long when I arrived at 7:30 Am, and I’m sure some folk’s were getting more than $.99 coffee.  So I decided to put my Off-White skills to the test and see whether I could improve on this drive-thru staple.  Let’s see…

The challenger:  Sausage Egg McMuffin

Ingredients:  Muffin, egg, cheese, sausage, and probably some added sodium.

Nutrition facts:
45cal,   27g Sat fat,  42g total fat,  0g fiber, 285 mg cholesterol…all this for on sale for $1.50, but usually somewhere around $2 – yee-HAW.

My challenge: to do this at home for the same price and BETTER nutrition.  Bring it on!

OFf-White version:

1 dozen cage-free, Omega 3- fat fortified eggs:  $4, or $.33/egg
1 package of Sprouted 100% Whole Grain English muffins: $3.60, or $.60/muffin
1 oz of mozzarella cheese $6/lb = $.38
1 standard turkey sausage patty: $.50/each (based on what I find on the web)
Total: $1.86

Estimated Calories:  about 430
Total fat: about 21g
Total sat. fat: 9g
Total cholesterol: 215mg
Fiber: about 6 g
Other added benefits:  omega-3 fats from eggs, an array of vitamins and minerals from the english muffin, and the satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from.

Am I lovin’ it…oh YEAH!!

Would love to hear what your McMakeovers for breakfast are!