Great plates









While prepping for my coaching session today I came across this handy-dandy picture that I think all of us could use as a reminder -especially right now when holiday treats are everywhere.  I like this pic because it reminds me to eat in BALANCE.  I tend to over-do it on one thing (carbs) and then want to restrict the next day to ‘make up for it’.  Ha!  When will I learn….

The more I eat in balance, the less I crave, and the better my digestion is.  For me, this time of year is a great time to sub out breads and use root veggies, like sweet potatoes and also squashes as my ‘carb’.  Gotta love that fiber.

Anyway bloggies, just a little reminder about balance on this sunny Tuesday in Davis.  I couldn’t help but notice that nowhere on this plate is the “hot chocolate” portion..hmmm…..guess I’m in denial that a daily serving of Swiss Miss isn’t good nutrition.  But hey, the box says it’s full of calcium and antioxidants, so how bad can it be 😉