Where have I been???

hi bloggies,

Yes, it has been a WHILE.  Waay to long, in fact.  Sorry.  I’ve been busy.  Real Busy.  This kind of busy that doesn’t always leave much room for reflecting on the internet.  I want to say to you that I’ll be better and get more consistent, but I’m not making any promises.  I just wanted you to know I’m still here fighting the good fight!  I’m filling my head with knowledge about nutrition, science, research, etc like you wouldn’t believe. ….and you know what it’s taught me about Off-White living??
Nothing.  Not a freakin’ thing….seriously.  I’m not begin cynical, as I’ve learned so much about other things, but Off-White Living isn’t really something I can learn by reading or memorizing metabolic pathways (though I think you might like the “cheat” way that we came up with to remember the steps in the TCA Cycle: “Officer Can I Keep Selling Sex For Money?”  Catchy, isn’t it”).  Off White living is a process to be lived and understood by each person who embarks on it.   That much I have learned by being in grad school.  Researchers are no closer to solving the obesity epidemic than they are from curing AIDS or colonizing Mars.  The epidemic is to be solved one person at a time but paradoxically requires the support and efforts of the entire community, I think, and that doesn’t work well in a research environment.

However, I’m still infatuated with the process of dietary change.  I still get delighted when I start chatting it up with somebody and the topic migrates over to food/nutrition and I hear that they have been changing their diet, and hence changing their lives.  Just last night when I was knee deep in teaching undergrads how to calibrate  their instruments to prepare for lab  I heard a gal say that she’s relinquished refined flour and her family is raising a stink about it.  Yay to her, I said and we talked about how emotionally charged food habits can be.  Her family called her an ‘extremist’ for such choices.  I call her a crusader!  I just wish I had more time to invest in the crusade on a larger scale than I currently do.  But for now, I’m walking my own line.   Recently Matt and I recommitted to the eating lifestyle we know serves us best, so that means breads and sweets are out (because BELIEVE ME, they were in like Flynn for a while).   Nothing fanatical, just listening to our own advise and it feels good to be back on the wagon.  We discovered this awesome rye bread from northern Europe that comes in a package which resembles a brick.  You only get about 7 slices, but 1/2 a slice is PLENTY.  This stuff is dense and delicious…and totally wheat free.  Yeah!  I love it when the food world continues to surprise me.  I don’t have the name of this bread but it’s found at Rite Aid and World Market.  Check it out.

Also, would somebody get on task of importing SKYR (a delicious low fat/high protein yogurt like substance) from Iceland to here?  Why do we NOT have that food?  Granted, it made my intestines very angry (too much Casein, which I cannot digest) but it’s delicious and would give the American People something healthy to swoon over.   Seriously.





2 thoughts on “Where have I been???

  1. Patricia Major Reed April 1, 2011 / 7:51 pm

    Glad you’re back! You are changing the world – one obese body at a time! :^) Since I’ve been off-white about my eating, I’ve dropped five pounds without any hunger. I do confess that when I get tired, I crave the rush of sugar. But have promised myself that I can eat sugar whenever I want and that makes me feel more like it’s my choice and not a “should.” One day at a time. Now…wonder how I’ll do when I go to Maine and have my overweight family feeding me! As I said, one day at a time!
    Thanks, Rebecca, for being a resource, even when I’m reading your previous posts.

    • offwhiteliving April 1, 2011 / 9:31 pm

      thanks for your share and congrats on the lifestyle change and the weight loss. Isn’t it amazing how many facets of one’s self dietary change can activate. Weight, mental clarity…personal growth…..more energy…..it’s awesome. I love what you said about giving yourself permission to have sugar when you want; my theory is that it has to be this way otherwise it does feel like such an ugly mandate. Half the time I don’t really ‘want’ sugar at all, I want a break or some love or a good laugh or whatever. I learned to use sugar to soothe me, so it’s a go-to mechanism, but I’m slowly undoing that first response, once choice at a time too!

      I’m glad I’ve served as a resource for you. I get a lot of inspiration from your support and contribution here too. It takes a village….

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