8 treat foods that don’t have sugar

today I was playing a little game in my brain.  I thought about the notion of coming up with 10 treat-esque foods or common dessert ingredients that don’t have sugar.  Could I do it?  Hmm…..as my mind wandered down the grocery aisles of my imagination, here is a list I came up with.  Granted, I’m not saying all of these are fat free or dairy free, but they are sugar free.  I even upped the antey and gave an example of how you could use it to make a treat:


#1: real whipping cream.  Here’s a thought: whip it up with cinnamon and stevia.  Place 1-2 tbsp over berries and you have a really low sugar dessert with NO sugar in the topping.

#2: cocoa powder.  I LOVE cocoa powder.  I’m talking about Chatsfield’s, Wonderslim, or other high quality baking cocoas.  Mix with No sugar almond milk and you have low sugar hot cocoa.



#3: Almonds – they are naturally sweet in essence.  I like them lightly toasted and sprinkled with a little cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.  Yum!

#4: Greek yogurt.  This type of yogurt doesn’t have any sugar grams at all, but watch the fat, as it can be really dense.  There are low fat versions, which I think are the best.  You can mix some cocoa powder and almonds into your yogurt for a really low-sugar treat.   Sweeten with stevia and you are still at ZERO sugar grams

#5: Coconut – the milk and the flesh are sugar free.  You can blend coconut milk with ice for a smoothie, or even just eat the flesh as is and enjoy a natural sweetness.

#6: Egg whites: no, not normally a dessert, but whipped up with a little orange zest and cream of tartare (what is that exactly – check here for the answer), they make a nice meringue topping.  I like the taste of meringue by itself, even without a pie.  Just like whipping cream, you can put it on berries for a really low sugar dessert option

#7: Buckwheat pancakes: Okay, this one has 2grams of sugar, but that is nearly nothing.  I prefer Bob’s Redmill Brand because I only need to add water, an egg, and some oil or butter.  You can add vanilla, cocoa, or spices for added flavor and still stand at just 2 g of sugar, plus you are getting a boatload of fiber in.

#8: Good Earth tea: this can seriously satisfy, especially on a chilly night.  It really doesn’t even need any sweetener, and this is coming from a girl who ALWAYS loves to sweeten her tea. 9

So, I would just love to come up with a couple more options that don’t have sugar.  Any ideas, folks?  Even items that have just a few grams of sugar would be beneficial.

I will leave you with this chocolate pudding recipe to inspire your creativity!!

Happy Off-White eating,


Chocolate Pudding

2 cups fresh coconut meat (young coconut if available

¾ cup coconut water; at room temperature.

 (Use the water from the inside of the coconut. *Coconut water is now available at most natural foods stores too.)

1/3 cup agave nectar

½ cup cocoa powder

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon sea salt


In a high speed- blender or food processor, puree all ingredients until completely smooth; stopping to scrape the sides as necessary. Transfer to a bowl and chill for firmer pudding, or eat straightaway. Try this with raspberries and fresh mint, or chopped nuts.



When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure exactly what and where I wanted it to go.  Simultanelously, in my personal life I’ve been working deeply and intently on releasing my attachment to sugar and refined carbs.

Well, truth be told, lately my commitment to being “off white” has been less than ideal.  Okay, it sucks. I have  some health issues (leaky gut and candida…..sexy,huh!) that really need me to be very low sugar and high veggies and protein.  Sugar is seriously like crack for my brain and like a train wreck for my digestive system.  It  simply does not work.  For a while I was rockin’….and slowly the white stuff began creeping back in.  A slice of bread here,  a piece of cheese there, etc.

This past week has been tough because my body has been hit hard again with what I know always happens when I eat lots of sugar, dairy, and grains.  I feel like crap.  I gain weight. I get constipated (TMI for some of you, and I’m sorry, but it’s true!)

And then last night, a cathartic moment:  I can use my blog to share my journey as I recommitt to the off-white lifestyle, and maybe other people will get something out of my trials and tribulations.  I mean, if I’m going to suffer through sugar detox yet again, at least maybe one of you can learn something or at least get a good laugh as I lament about the hardship of driving past the donut shop without the overwhelming urge to pull in and eat every cream puff and bismark bar available.

So, in addition to the other stuff I ramble about, I’m gonna ramble about me too, and about my off-white journey.

What I did to get started:
You know, when I  start a new project, I like to begin with a clean slate.  For me, this means having 2-days of very “light” eating, to give the ol’ GI system a  rest.  Lord knows I’ve been asking it to work double time lately with those extra bites of bread, the walnut pig-out earlier this week and the ever antagonizing junky hot chocolate.

To reset myself, for two days, I eat the following:

3 servings of veggies/day, with at least 2 being green (today was spinach mostly, with some tomatoes and carrots thrown in there)

2-3 servings of whole fruits, and maybe a few anti-oxidant rich dried fruits like dates.  Yes, I know dates are high in sugar, but I’m trying to just reduce what I eat and keep things simple.   I will focus on low sugar fruits soon.  I don’t give up the sweet easy, you see.

2 servings of high quality protein powder/day, made into a shake.  I like Whey Factors because I can’t have soy (allergy).

Tons of water and some herbal tea if I want.  I choose to have some random cinnamon/cardamom tea at a local coffee shop.  Good stuff.

What I noticed:

  • Even in 24 hrs I have more mental energy than I have had in several weeks.  In the course of the evening I went walking, called my mom, returned an item via UPS (required packaging it up – I’d been putting it off), gave my husband a mini-massage, cooked some sweet potato and spaghetti squash for the weekend, called a friend, vacuumed and am now blogging.  And its only 9;15pm.  This is more than I’ve done all week.
  • My digestion is already better.  That whole constipation issue…yeah, its gone.  Enough said.
  • I’m not hungry, despite the light foods I’m eating.  I’m getting what I need.  I’m not stuffing just a little more in.  I feel good.
  • I’m actually excited about the potential of being free of the sugar/white stuff bondage.  It is so oppressive.
  • I’m willing to share this with you.  That is a big deal for me.

That’s it kids!  More tomorrow.