On the abundance of socks…

Yes, I did say socks….not sex (although that could be an interesting topic, for another time and another blog)

In my efforts to get ready for the “Big move” to Davis I’m naturally doing a little spring cleaning and today I had a bizarre ephiphony while cleaning out the sock drawer.

Here I was wrestling over which socks to take: all the white ones, or just some of hte white ones, do I need  the tights or will it be too warm in Davis for tights…… totally trivial matters.

Then I looked at the socks.  BOOM!  I realized that I was struggling over which socks to take to Davis from a pile of socks that I don’t even like.  I was grappling with the importance of gym socks that I actually can’t stand to wear or how they look.  For so many years my I have simply been collecting socks for the sake of collecting socks…..having excess simply for the sake of ….’having’.

Where else do I do this? Certainly in my food.  My pantry is stocked, man.  I have enough grain to feed a small African country  and yet I continuously go out and buy more, just for the sake of having more.

Bloggies, I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I really struggle with feeling like I have enough of anything.  I always want more, even of things I don’ even want.  The sugar struggles I’ve experienced in my life are examples of this:  Eat sugar.  Get full.  Feel sick.  Eat more.  Think about stressful things.  Eat more.  Buy more to eat later….you get the idea.

My brother in law recently shared a little slogan that I absolutely love:

My problem is that I always want to splurge and then never want to purge.  Its hard for me even let go of stinky old gym socks that I can’t stand simply because its the act of letting go….”but what if I run out of socks, or suddenly socks go up in price and I can’t afford socks.”…silly little ego, always finding reasons to stay attached.

You will all be happy to know that all the clean socks I don’ t want ended up in the Goodwill pile, ready for a new home with somebody who needs them 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the abundance of socks…

  1. Alice June 12, 2009 / 5:19 am

    another great reminder! I am getting better at letting go of things I don’t need. I have plenty of socks I don’t use too. Why keep them when they just take up space and remind us we need to let them go…

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